Your Guide to the Best Breakfast in Savannah

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Here, you will find excellent local fare and exciting offerings from breakfast specialties to savory treats. From the classic omelet to the savory sausage and grits, there is something here to please even the pickiest eater. From the best breakfast in Savannah to a unique picnic, you can find the best breakfast in Savannah to suit your taste.

 Choices For Visitors

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When it comes to breakfast, Savannah offers many choices for visitors to enjoy a satisfying breakfast. There is something here to please every palette, so whether you’re looking for French toast, pancakes, or waffles, you will be satisfied. Or, if you are looking for savory breakfast items, you can find Mexican breakfasts, Greek gyros, or many other offerings. You can also enjoy the best breakfast in Savannah at Sweet Tomatoes, where you can choose from a variety of toppings, such as fresh strawberries, banana salsa, or pesto sauce. For dessert, you might want to try their coconut creme pie, which is filled with a creamy custard and topped with crunchy walnuts.

If you have yet to experience the best breakfast in Savannah, Georgia, you might want to consider trying O’Brien’s Irish Pub and Restaurant on Airport Mesa. This restaurant has been named among the best diners by both The Savannah Morning News and Bon Appetite! At this location, you will enjoy delicious food, family-style hospitality, and excellent prices. You might even be able to find special offerings to make your breakfast more interesting, such as Irish beer and Irish whiskey.

 Tana’s Cafe

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Another place that offers some of the best breakfasts in Savannah is Tana’s Cafe. While you are eating your breakfast, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that is outside your window. This restaurant also serves a great lunch and dinner menu. In addition to serving delicious food, Tana also features a craft shop, so if you are looking for some unique items for your morning or afternoon tea, you might want to visit Tana’s.

Consider Stopping At Temptations.

If you are looking for a unique way to enjoy breakfast in Savannah, you might want to consider stopping at Temptations. This popular restaurant offers both quick grab and go snacks, great meals, and some of the best desserts in the area. Temptations serves some of the best burgers in the area. Their specialty, the Prime Rib, is served on their grilled flat top with melted brie, artichoke mushroom, and caramelized onions. Of course, nothing can beat their famous chicken sandwich, which is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course, you can enjoy Temptations’ larger menu as a whole, including some of their signature sandwiches and salads.

Bottom Lines

If you want to find the best breakfast in Savannah, you will definitely want to stop by The Mallory Hollow restaurant on East Boulevard in the city. The restaurant has a fantastic outdoor patio that overlooks Lake Lanier, and the restaurant serves breakfast daily on weekends. The food is excellent, and the prices are very reasonable, especially compared to many other breakfast spots. There are several different entrees on the menu, and you are sure to find at least one amazing meal that you would love to order again.

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