What Is The Best Breakfast Foods

best breakfast foods

A few days ago, I was looking for information on the best breakfast foods for weight loss. It was difficult to separate what was healthy and that which was not. A quick glance at my nutrition facts sheet told me exactly what I needed to know. In fact, it was shocking to see how unhealthy, fatty fast food, chips, and cookies I was consuming and quite surprised that my goal to lose weight was failing.

Best Breakfast Food For Weight Loss

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I knew that healthy foods were important for maintaining my health. However, my problem was that I just couldn’t think of what those healthy foods should be. The last thing I wanted while I was trying to lose weight was another mid-morning jolt to my system by eating an excess of fast food or chips. I didn’t have the energy to get started with my exercise plan, so I started looking for ideas to lose weight without counting calories or counting meals. Here are some suggestions I put together to help you find the best breakfast foods for weight loss.

One way to manage your calories in the morning is to use coffee as a morning meal. You can drink coffee with sugar and eat in the same manner as you would a granola bar or cereal. If you are sensitive to caffeine, substitute with decaffeinated coffee or tea instead. This method will work if you don’t have a sweet tooth, but if you love your morning cup of coffee this would be a good way to curb your cravings.

Oatmeal- The Best Breakfast Food

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Another good choice for breakfast foods is oatmeal. Oatmeal is good for you if you add enough granola or other high fiber ingredients. If you don’t like to eat oatmeal straight out of the container, be sure to add water or milk. You can also puree oatmeal for a nice taste. If you want to enjoy instant oats, look for the sugar-free version.

Another quick list for breakfast foods is the list of five “quick-to-make” meals that fit into any day. These foods are easy to prepare and healthy. The best breakfast foods title for these five recipes is “5-Minute Smoothie.” They are easy to make at home and are great for those who are watching their cholesterol. The yogurt, banana and vanilla ice cream make up the base of the smoothie. You just have to add the smoothie and some berries or other fruits for a delicious treat.

Light Weighted Snacks

If you like to have breakfast vegetables for lunch and dinner, the best foods for that are a baked potato, a chicken salad with tomatoes and olive oil, and a blended oatmeal with a piece of chicken and bacon. These foods are low calorie and filling. If you combine the baked potato with some lean ham or turkey, you’ll have a healthy breakfast that you can feel good about eating. You can even make a “meat-to-potatoes” diet for lower calories if you don’t feel like eating cooked meat.

Snacks can be your best breakfast foods as well. You don’t need to eat the entire amount of calories provided in the meal for them to be good for you. Snacks should be something that you enjoy so that your body will remain satisfied. You’ll feel fuller longer if you snack regularly. If you’re hungry in the middle of the day, having a small bowl of popcorn with some low calorie vegetables is a good option. You don’t have to eat the entire amount of the popcorn, just a few pieces will do as long as you stay within the count of calories provided in the meal.

Summing Up

For snacks, dried fruit works well as an easy source of a snack. Your body will get more energy from the fruit, which will help you lose weight. You can choose from a variety of healthy weight loss snacks. You can have a piece of fruit, a bowl of yogurt, a cup of oatmeal or a muffin with cream cheese for breakfast. For lunch, you can have a chicken salad with raw vegetables and you can include an olive oil salad dressing on your sandwich. You can even make a pasta salad for dinner if you’re not a fan of meats or dairy products.

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