The Spectacular Sandwich Spreader


A sandwich spreader is usually a flat and round-bladed utensil that is serrated on one side while smooth on the other. It looks like a rounded spatula. Its prime function is to apply food evenly on surfaces of buns and pieces of bread. While you finish the spreading task, you can cut the corners of the areas with the help of its other end. Thus, serves the dual purpose.

The blade is sharp and handy such that anyone can easily use both for spreading and cutting purposes. The knife can also be used for cutting many of the ingredients that are used for making a sandwich, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, etc.

The Spectacular Sandwich Spreader
The Spectacular Sandwich Spreader

Mini Sandwich Spreader

Mini Sandwich Spreader
Mini Sandwich Spreader

It’s a spectacular sandwich spreader and an efficient knife. The shape of the knife is in such a way that it can quickly spread jams, butter, and cheese on the bread without ruining the texture of the bread. It consists of a steel blade with a firm wooden handle that provides a fancy look along with durability. The size of the material is approx 10 cms x 1.8 cms. By this, you can

  • Spread Jams, ketchup
  • Spread Peanut butter
  • Baking and Icing on Cakes

Molding And Writing Syringe With Nozzle

This is a unique molding and writing syringe that has a nozzle attached. They are perfect for decorating bakery items such as cakes and pastries. It’s handy and small and is one of the best choices to gift your mom to enhance their cooking experience. Some other features of this bakery and  sandwich spreader are

  • Plastic and Silicone material
  • Available in red and white color
  • Best for decorating homemade bakery items
  • Package content- 1 pc molding and writing syringe with an equipped nozzle.

More Facts

It’s a great tool by which you can decorate even the small concentrated areas of your cakes without any problems and with full accuracy. Such pens can enhance your baking style and also will admire by your friends and family. You can even write festival names on the cake and to make the moment unforgettable.

The pen has comes with a nozzle that can control the pressure of the cream, thus provide adequate control over your decorations. Anyone can quickly master as soon as he picked up the pen and starts using it. You can even write small letters and numbers that too clearly without much effort. The size is flexible and is also best used for garnishing and decorating other types of food items too. For using this, simply fill the open with chocolate or any flavor of icing of your choice. Push the plunger and start squeezing on the surface of the cake, pastry, or cupcakes.

With the introduction of such a sandwich spreader and molding, writing syringe has made many of the moms and housewives a terrific cooking and baking experience. The finished products are now tasty, as usual, but also look beautiful without much effort. One who has cooking their hobby for them it’s a must to buy such product to impress their friends and family.