The Best Plant Based Breakfast Ideas

plant based breakfast

If you are like me you love eating a good breakfast but hate the taste of eggs. In that case, what would you rather have – a cheese omelet or a vegan egg sandwich? A healthy vegetarian way to satisfy your hunger pangs is to make a delicious plant-based scramble. Here’s how to make a fantastic looking one.

What you will need for this healthy yet delicious breakfast is rolled oats, some fresh fruit and some nice spinach or kale to top it off. These mouthwatering plant based recipes are loaded with fresh vegetable and whole grain protein. Best of all, they’re absolutely delicious too! From spicy cashew butter to sweet carrot cake cereal, there are dozens of ways to begin your day with plant based broken foods! Your taste buds will thank you!

An Overview

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There are a ton of delicious plant based options for breakfast. Try to incorporate some type of nuts as well. They make delicious snacks and come in many varieties including walnut, almonds, pecan and even chocolate chip. You can also try trail mix or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a wholesome snack.

For a really hearty meal, try some quality dry bean chili. This low fat, low calorie and flavorful dish make a great meal and snack. If you are looking for vegan options, you can find plenty of delicious options including black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and refried beans. Other great healthy whole food plant-based diet breakfast ideas include baked apples, pears, avocados, banana slices, carrots and sweet potato. You can also take advantage of natural apple salsa for a unique twist on the traditional apple pie. With all the options available, you’re sure to find a tasty way to start your day!

Plant Based Breakfast Ideas

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For a quick healthy snack, consider including a handful of acai berry pulp in a bowl of low fat milk. For a delicious after dinner treat, enjoy some organic raisins or create your own trail mix granola bars. Both of these easy recipes are very filling and will provide you with lots of energy bites to carry throughout the day. Add some fresh fruit to the granola bars for a delicious treat that doesn’t include any calories. Switch up your morning routine and include one of these delicious, energy boosting plant-based breakfast ideas today.

A great, healthy breakfast idea is to take a handful of your favorite fruits and toss them into a container with some fresh, high-quality nuts such as cashews or walnuts. Then, add some fresh, high-quality nuts such as sunflower seeds or flax seed to the mix for an extra boost. If you’re in the mood to munch something right away, add a slice of ripe banana and you’ve got a great combination for a snack without any calories. Or, make a large batch of your favorite yogurt and use the toppings to add an extra dose of calcium. There are so many combinations, it’s almost impossible not to find a combination of toppings you’ll love.

For a delicious, low fat, cholesterol lowering breakfast idea, consider serving some fresh, high quality nuts, granola, fresh fruit, banana slices, and low calorie yogurt. You can serve the yogurt or the banana slices with a handful of nuts such as macadamia, pecan, or almond butter for a delicious, cholesterol lowering breakfast choice. Another delicious combination would be to replace one or two of the bananas with organic, high-fiber, whole grain brown rice. Then top with some almond butter or other fat-free, natural peanut butter for a delicious, fat reducing, cholesterol lowering breakfast choice!

Bottom Line

No matter which of these delicious vegan breakfast ideas appeals to you most, it’s important to remember that healthy eating is more than just eating vegetables and fruits. You need to also make sure you are getting plenty of protein to help promote energy throughout the day and to keep your body energized. Fortunately, there are a variety of sources for protein including whey, soy, casein, and eggs.

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