Science Behind Breakfast: Why It Is Important


Breakfast is the crucial meal of the day – you have heard about it a thousand times. But you don’t pay heed to it. Thus, here I am going to show you the science behind breakfast. By having it at the right time every day, you give the body the required calories. It jumpstarts the rate of metabolism, which in turn assists in burning more calories. 

Studies have proved that people who skip breakfast have a higher BMI than those who eat breakfast every day. 

Science Behind Breakfast: Why It Is Important
Science Behind Breakfast: Why It Is Important

Science Behind Breakfast – Advantages

Eating the right food for breakfast will help you in various ways:

  • The body mass index will below. 
  • You will eat much lesser fat throughout the day.
  • Breakfast helps you have more veggies as well as fruits as per recommendation.
  • The consumption of fibre and also calcium will enhance by eating food in the morning. 
  • Breakfast is all the more important for children as it helps in boosting memory and performance. 
  • When you start your day with a nutritious meal, you do not crave fast food or sugary food. 

Why Should You Not Skip The Morning Food?

Whether you believe it or not, skipping breakfast comes with its disadvantages, and many studies have proved that. 

  • Do you feel that by avoiding breakfast, you can stay slim and fit? If yes, then you are entirely wrong. When your tummy is empty for a long time, you jump at any food whichever you get quickly. You do not think about whether it is harmful or not. Thus, you tend to gain more weight instead of losing it. 
  • In general, most people have fresh fruits, yoghurt, cereals, or fresh veggies and eggs for breakfast. By avoiding it, your daily dose of fruits as well as veggies reduces to a great extent. 
  • You are prone to eat unhealthier and also fatty snacks if you stay away from the morning meal. 

By having morning food, you signal your body that it will get more food through the day. But when you skip it, your body does not get that signal. So, it starts to reserve the calories instead of burning it.

Science Behind Breakfast: Why It Is Important
Science Behind Breakfast: Why It Is Important

Science Behind Breakfast – Making Proper Choice Is Crucial 

 Having a morning meal is not only enough; you have to pay proper attention when it comes to choosing the food items. Some people have a cup of coffee along with a muffin in the morning. It is completely wrong. It is wise to follow the ideas given below:

  • Opt for cereals that have a high amount of fibres. Combine it with skimmed milk as well as fresh fruits. If you have lactose intolerance, you can use soy or rice milk, as well. 
  • A protein shake is an excellent option, but it should have less fat. You can team it up with fresh fruits. 
  • Bagel or multi-grain toast, along with peanut butter, is excellent. 
  • If you are looking for easy solutions, then opt for a glass of skimmed milk along with a protein bar without sugar and a bowl of fat-free yoghurt.