Quinoa Breakfast Recipes You Should Try For An Energetic Day Out

quinoa breakfast recipes

Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal with a lot of health benefits. It is a plant-based source of a great amount of protein. Not only that, but it also has a lot of amino acids which are essential for muscle development. It also has a very high fiber content which aids digestion. Along with the huge variety of health benefits, Quinoa has, it is also very easy to cook and can keep you full for a long time, making it the perfect ingredient for an early morning breakfast before heading for a long and tiring day. Here are some Quinoa breakfast Recipes for a healthy start to your day!

Quinoa Breakfast Recipes – Hash Browns

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Ingredients – Quinoa, Water, peeled and grated raw potato, an egg, 1 teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon pepper, butter, and two green onions.

Step 1 – Take a large pan, add your uncooked Quinoa to the bowl. Add water and keep it on a medium flame until it starts boiling. Now, reduce the heat and let it cook. Now turn off the heat but let it stay in the pan, cover the pan with a lid. Allow it cool down.

Step 2 – Then take a bowl, add your cooked quinoa to it and add the egg. Mix it and then go on to add salt, pepper, and the grated potato to the mixture.

Step 3 – Heat another pan, add a little butter to it. Take a fist-sized ball of the mixture and flatten it out on the pan. Allow it to cook. Flip the hash brown and let the other side cook as well.

Voila! Healthy and super nutritious breakfast ready!

Quinoa Breakfast Recipes – cakes with a poached egg

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Ingredients – Quinoa, Chicken broth, chopped cauliflower, cheese, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese, eggs.

Step 1 – Take a pan and add your uncooked quinoa and the chicken broth. Let it boil. Once the quinoa is cooked. Add in some cooked cauliflower.

Step 2 – Take this mixture out in a bowl, grate cheese on it. Add salt and pepper and mix it. Let the mixture cool down for a bit. Once it’s cool, add your egg and mix it again.

Step 3 – Scoop out the mixture and cover it whole with either parmesan cheese or breadcrumbs. Flatten the scooped mixture.

Step 4 – Take a pan, add oil or butter and add your quinoa cakes to the pan and cook them on both sides.

Step 5 – Poach an egg and place it on top of the Quinoa cake.

Another healthy breakfast ready!

More Details

According to experiments performed, food nutrition experts say that eating a fatty breakfast is better for your health and fitness as it not only provides sustenance for the body and mind but will also help you resist the temptation of nibbling on light snacks all day long. Experiments have shown that persons who skip breakfast become famished by their lunchtime and hence are inclined to eat more to nullify their hunger. Breakfast must be your heaviest meal of the day.


Eating a healthy and full breakfast will give you energy to spend the rest of your day without getting tired. In fact, experts claim that eating a king sized breakfast might be your secret to shed extra weight! Try these Quinoa Breakfast Recipes for a breakfast that is healthy and will keep you full for hours!

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