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brunch menu ideas

Brunch is just the start of your day, so what better way to kick it off with good food and great friends. Well, I do know what better way to kick it off! Get ready for some fun Brunch Menu Ideas. We have got them all!

An Overview

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How about some Brunch Menu Ideas for something that’s easy to make? Easy to eat and easy to enjoy. Get some Waring bread makers, some jar food, fresh fruit, a muffin or loaf of bread and some butter, margarine and powdered sugar, and you are all set. Do go easy on the powdered sugar…most people like to add a little more to their Waring bread maker, so its fine by us. You may also want to have a few scoops of delicious coffee flavored syrup to top off that perfect Brunch Baked Eggs.

For some great brunch menu ideas for savory based foods, we have some excellent Waring brand bread products to recommend. My favorite Waring brand bread product of all, our Comfort Select 4 loaf kitchen toasted bread with tomato jam, is absolutely tasty and will be the talk of the family (and maybe your Thanksgiving dinner table as well). If you want to go a bit different for breakfast, but still have that fantastic sweet taste, consider an Almond Joy Bakery product, their peanut butter and banana nut coffee breakfast sandwich is simply tantalizing. And if you want something that is a little sweeter but still very savory, try our Ghirardelli chocolate covered pretzels or cinnamon raisin pretzels, both are easily enjoyed any time of day.

Special Dishes

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In terms of some full recipe inspiration, many Waring brand dishes are excellent for brunch menu ideas. I especially like our Comfort Select Panini, our Spinach Ravioli and our Alfredo Spaghetti Alfredo for a quick and easy breakfast casserole dish. For lunch or dinner a nice Waring Pro Stainless Steel Casserole Dish with eggplant, sausage, mushrooms and other vegetables makes a healthy, yet filling meal. For dessert a full recipe of our Chocolate Pecan Mousse with Strawberries, peaches and other fruits would make a nice treat for a party.

For some more brunch menu ideas, some quick and easy preparation is in order. First, the classic Eggs in a Jar is always a good idea for those quick breakfast casseroles. I like to use our traditional bloody Mary mix which is perfectly blended and chipped to perfection. You can also use this bloody Mary mix for cooking eggs, sausage, and other savory items. If you have your heart set on bacon, try using ham for a true New England style brunch.

Other popular brunch menu ideas include pancakes, waffles, French toast, sausage omelets, and other items like banana bread muffins and French toast. If you are having a kids party then you can serve smaller finger foods that they can pick up and eat with their parents. A quick dip into a fruit salad with grapes is a nice option as well as a delicious dessert for an afternoon brunch.

Go For Them

For brunch menu ideas that include some healthier choices you might want to consider a crepe, quiche, panini, or grilled quesadillas. One of our favorite quick and easy quesadillas was made with homemade vegetable tortilla chips and served with a fresh, full recipe from Betty Crocker. The kids devoured it and asked when the rest of the family could try it. It wasn’t until several days later that I came across this very similar dish in a cookbook by the same company.


In summary, you don’t need to spend big bucks to provide fun and delicious menus for your next brunch party. With just a few simple planning tips you can create delicious and cost-effective menus for your next brunch. Make sure that you are serving at least one healthy meal. You don’t have to spend a lot of money onaffles if your goal is to save money. And if you serve a variety of dishes, from starters, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts, you can pack your buffet table with items that everyone will be able to enjoy and remember.

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