Almond Milk

Organic Nutrition - Almond Milk Good Or Bad For You

Almond milk is extracted from almonds. It is a plant-based protein, often considered as a supplement for cow milk.  Almond milk is one of the best cow milk supplement, which is lactose intolerant. Moreover, almond milk is preferred by the vegan who abstains from consuming any dairy product.

Benefits of consuming almond milk, a source of organic nutrition

Organic Nutrition – Calories

Almond milk contains less sugar and less carbohydrate. Consuming less sugar keep us physically and mentally energised. Moreover, less sugar consumption often helps to avoid brain fog. Studies say cow milk contains almost twelve times more carbohydrate than almond milk. There is less risk of diabetes in people who consume almond milk.

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Organic Nutrition – Almond Milk Good Or Bad For You

Organic Nutrition – Acids

In addition to this, almond milk contains less cholesterol, lactose and saturated fatty acids. Hence, there is less risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cholesterol upon consuming almond milk.

Moreover, low calories help to keep your weight in check. Almond milk is very beneficial for people who follow a strict diet.

Organic Nutrition: A Higher Amount Of Vitamin E

Almond milk has a more elevated amount of Vitamin E. This vitamin also helps to improve brain health and eyesight. Moreover, Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant that helps to protect from inflammatory syndromes. Almond milk is a good source of organic nutrition.

Almond Milk Is Rich In Calcium

Almond milk is rich in calcium. The calcium present in almond milk is easy to absorb. Almond milk is a promising source of calcium for people who do not consume cow milk. Calcium makes the bone stronger. It is necessary for a growing child, as well as women who have met menopause. After the year of thirty, our body harvests calcium from our bone. Hence, it is essential to consume food fortified with calcium. Calcium eliminates the risk of osteoporosis. Also, calcium reduces the risk of osteoarthritis. Therefore, almond milk is a promising source of organic nutrition.

Moreover, calcium is necessary for heart, nerve, and muscle. It is an essential ion that takes part in cell signalling and to initiate a cell-signalling cascade.

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Organic Nutrition – Almond Milk Good Or Bad For You

Fortified With Vitamin D

However, almond milk is enriched in vitamin D. Along with calcium, and vitamin D is also essential for the health of bone and teeth. Moreover, Calcium and Vitamin D together keep the bone disease at bay. Vitamin is necessary for both growing children and women who have met menopause.

Almond Milk Reduces The Chance Of Diabetes

Almond milk is less in sugar and carbohydrate, and it doesn’t raise the blood sugar level. Moreover, consuming less sugar and carbohydrate. Reduce the chance of diabetes. 

Reduces The Chance Of Cardiovascular Disease

Since almond milk is cholesterol and saturated fat-free, it helps to keep the cholesterol lower. However, saturated fat sticks on the inner epithelium of vein and artery, thus creating an obstacle for blood flow. The reduced rate of blood flow increases blood pressure. Increased blood pressure increases the risk of cardiovascular disease like heart stroke. Moreover, reduced blood flow causes a cerebral stroke.

Consumption of almond milk reduces such chances.

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