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Organic Foods: Are They Safer? - Organic Nutrition

Organic foods are fruits, vegetables, and crops that are produced without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and hormones. In addition to this, diary, poultry and meat products produced without hormones are also called organic food. However, there are disputes whether organic foods are safer or not. Moreover, there are disputes about the nutritious value of organic food. Here we clarify all the questions we had in your mind about organic nutrition.

Organic Nutrition – Organic Foods Are Safer

Pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and hormones are not used to produce organic food

Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers often contain harmful chemical agents. Hazardous chemical agents include heavy metals. However, Cadmium is one of those toxic metals. It is mostly consumed with inorganic foods. Moreover, Cadmium accumulates in the brain and causes nervous disorders.

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Organic Foods: Are They Safer? – Organic Nutrition

Moreover, cadmium causes paralysis. However, organic foods do not contain heavy metal. The pesticides and artificial fertilizers used in inorganic food accumulate in an amplified amount in each stage of food-chain. However, the increased accumulation causes bio-magnification.

Organic Food & Organic Nutrition Is Safer For Pregnant Women And Infants

Organic food doesn’t harm pregnant women and infants. Studies showed that pregnant women who lived near a farm that uses pesticides. Also, artificial fertilizers might give birth to an autistic child. Moreover, there were pieces of evidence of giving birth to children with neural disorders. One can conclude that the artificial chemicals used in farm might be causing mutation.

Organic Food Is Safe For Environment

Yes! Organic food is safer for the environment. You might find your organic fruit to be pest-infected. However, insects can eat them because they are pesticide-free. Harmful chemical-free plants mean, a healthy food chain and food web.

Moreover, artificial fertilizers lower the soil quality and reduce the productivity of the soil. Synthetic fertilizers also cause soil erosion and soil pollution.

Organic Food Is Safer For Your Body

Moreover, organic foods reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and cancer.

Organic food – Is there more organic nutrition?

More anti-oxidant and vitamin C – More organic nutrition

Organic fruits and vegetables contain more anti-oxidant, and vitamin C. Presence of pesticide, artificial fertilizers, and hormones often reduces the amount of anti-oxidant. However, it also reduces vitamin C naturally present in them. Hence, organic food has more organic nutrition.

More essential fatty acids – Thus, more organic nutrition –

Organic fish contains more omega-3 fatty acid, which has a lot of health benefits. Moreover, organic poultry and meat products contain essential fatty acids in higher amount and less saturated fatty acid. Essential fatty acids like Oleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid are essential. However, it helps with brain development, growth and disease resistance.

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Organic Foods: Are They Safer? – Organic Nutrition

Saturated Fatty Acid

However, saturated fatty acids play a different role. Saturated fatty acid accumulate in the inner epithelium of vein and artery. Thus, causing cardiovascular disease and elevate blood cholesterol.

More fibre-

Organic cereal, crops and legumes have more fibre. Dietary fibre is an essential for health. Moreover, it improves the gut microbiota and improves the bowel movement.

Less nitrogen –

Organic food contains less nitrogen than inorganic food. Containing less nitrogen is a disadvantage of organic food.

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