Keto Breakfast Ideas And Recipes To Help You To Lose Weight

Obesity is a serious concern. That does not only add extra kilos to your weight but also brings numerous health hazards with it. So it’s necessary to manage healthy body weight and to do so, a ketogenic diet can help you along with exercising regularly. The motive of the ketogenic diet is to supply low carbohydrates and high fat to your body, as it would help you to burn more fat by converting the fat into ketones and fatty acids, which supply energy to your brain. To be on a keto diet, there should be foods regarding that, and to start your day, here are some keto breakfast ideas and recipes that you can have in the morning.

Cheese Waffles– Keto Breakfast Ideas

Whenever you are on a keto diet, you have to be thoughtful about your fat and carb consumptions. It means cooking or having foods with the legal amount of fat that can be the source of energy to your brain and body. Well, the cheese waffles AKA Chaffles, can be a great option to have in the morning. Besides that, it’s super easy to cook.

Keto Breakfast Ideas And Recipes To Help You To Lose Weight
Keto Breakfast Ideas And Recipes To Help You To Lose Weight

To make chaffles for two persons, beat two eggs and one cup of mozzarella cheese in a bowl. Before putting the mixture to the waffle iron, preheat the iron. Now brush a little butter on the iron and pour some of the egg and cheese mixtures to it. Just cook it for at least 2 to 3 minutes, until it turns beautifully golden in color and looks crispy. Now transfer it to the plate and cook the remaining mixture also. Have the chaffles with maple syrup or honey.

Avocado Smoothie- Keto Breakfast Ideas

Without something to drink beside the chaffles, the breakfast will remain incomplete. But the concern is, the drink has to be low in carbs. And the avocado smoothie is perfect for that. In the blender, blend the slices of one avocado, slices of a half cucumber, one cup of fresh spinach leaves, one cup of coconut milk, two tablespoons of coconut oil (melted), one tablespoon of lime juice, a pinch of turmeric, and 2-3 ice cubes. Now transfer the smoothie to a glass and enjoy.

The best thing about the chaffles and avocado smoothie breakfast combo is that you can enjoy it on the go if you are running late for your work or meeting, or the tight schedule of your day.

Keto Breakfast Ideas And Recipes To Help You To Lose Weight
Keto Breakfast Ideas And Recipes To Help You To Lose Weight

Omelet Muffins For Breakfast

Speaking of breakfast, eggs never disappoint us with the variety of dishes they can be used for. One of them is the omelet muffin. These muffins are delicious plus easy to bake. Just preheat your oven in 350 degrees Fahrenheit and grease your muffin tin with butter.

Now beat 7-8 eggs and half a cup of milk until the mixture becomes fluffy. Then add and mix one cup of cheddar cheese (shredded), diced bell papers of your choice, thin slices of 2 scallions, half a cup of baby spinach, and salt for the taste to the egg-milk mixture. Pour it to the muffin tin, place the tin into the oven, and bake it for at least 25 minutes. Insert a skewer into a muffin and pull it out to check if the eggs are cooked or not. Let the muffins cool down and then take them out of the tin. Now you can enjoy your omelet muffins.

Bottom Line

When you are on a keto diet, always take care of your food habits. I hope, these ideas become helpful to you and reduce your hassles in the morning regarding the breakfast menu. So, have them and shed those unhealthy extra kilos from your body.

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