Hot Cereal Pancake

Hot Cereal Pancakes In Different Parts Of The World

Hot Cereal Pancake is one of the most famous breakfast snacks in the world. It is usually round in shape, and most of the countries have a different version of it. The essential ingredients of pancakes are flour, mil, eggs, and butter, and we usually cook on a hot surface like a frying pan. Its structure can change from place to place. For example, the one eaten in Britain is thinner and resemble a crêpe.

Hot Cereal Pancake In Different Parts Of The World
Hot Cereal Pancake In Different Parts Of The World

On the other hand, the structure of pancakes in North America uses leavening agents such as baking soda to make their pancakes fluffy and thick. We usually eat pancakes with whipped cream, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, fresh fruits, or jams. One of its varieties is the potato pancakes. In this type of pancakes, the majority of the batter consists of potatoes.

Pancakes were first made by the Greeks who called them tagenites. They made it using wheat flour, honey, oil, and curdled milk and ate it in the morning. They made another kind of pancakes known as staites. People topped their staites with cheese, honey, and sesame. As we have mentioned earlier, different countries have different variations of pancakes. Here is a list of the different types of pancakes that are made by people of different countries:

Hot Cereal Pancake In India

Indians have many kinds of pancakes. Different types of pancakes are eaten in different states and are prepared in different ways. The taste, as well as ingredients, vary a lot, and therefore we consume it with different things. South Indian foods like Dosa, Uttapam, and Appam are all different types of pancakes. The famous sweet dish of Bengal Pati-Shapta is also a type of pancake which we stuff with grated coconut and jaggery. In Punjab, people love eating Meetha-Pooda, which is also a kind pancake eaten with pickle.

Hot Cereal Pancake In Different Parts Of The World
Hot Cereal Pancake In Different Parts Of The World

Hot Cereal Pancake In China

In China, pancakes are made with dough and not batter. The people typically make the batter with flour, water, and vegetable oil; they are then served as a side dish with duck.

Hot Cereal Pancake In Japan

In Japan, pancakes are known as Okonomiyaki. Here they make them using eggs, flour, cabbage and any other ingredient of your choice. Most of the times, we stuff them with eggplant or nozawana. They also have Dorayaki; a western-style sandwich made using Anko.


In Indonesia, people refer to pancakes as Pannekoek. The Indonesian version of pancakes Serabi. The preparation is by using rice flour and coconut milk. They usually serve Serabi with a thick brown colored coconut syrup called kinca. It has different variations, and we can serve them with fruits, chocolate, cheddar cheese, and meat.


In the Philippines, pancakes include Salukara, which they make from eggs, glutinous rice, and coconut milk. Another type of traditional pancake of Philippines is the Pupod which is smoked fish flake pancakes and Okoy, which they make of battered shrimp or pumpkin.


Here people use the essential ingredients like eggs, flour, milk and butter, and sometimes their favorite childhood cereal. It is effortless to make and is very tasty too.

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