Heart Healthy Diet


There are many things that we are consuming in our daily life that can be risky for our heart. It is important to change such habits before more damage is done. This article will guide you, what changes you can bring to your diet to have a healthy heart. In order to change your eating habits, you should understand what food to eat. Here is the list of items and also advantages of a heart-healthy diet.

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Advantages Of Heart Healthy Diet:

Advantage Of Heart Healthy Diet: Control Your Portion Size

Keeping track of the amount of food you eat every day is very important. Overeating is not a good option even if you are having healthy meals. Keep in mind that the portion size in restaurants is more for an individual. Always try to use a small bowl or plate. If you are intaking healthy food then you can eat large portions. Food is rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Food having high sugar and sodium should be avoided. Not only considering the portion size is important, but no of the meals you have is also important. 

Advantage Of Heart Healthy Diet: More Vegetables And Fruits

Try and eat more veggies and fruits instead of meat. They are high in minerals and vitamins but low on calories. You should avoid snacks with high calories like cheese, meat or any other fast food. If you do not like raw vegetables, you can stir-fry them. Avoid frozen fruits and vegetables. 

Advantage Of Heart Healthy Diet: Select Whole Grains

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Advantages Of Heart Healthy Diet:

For people with high blood pressure and cholesterol, incorporating whole grain is necessary. Grains like barley, quinoa or faro are a rich source of fiber and other nutrients. 

Advantage Of Heart Healthy Diet: Limit Unhealthy Fats

If you want to reduce fats, decreasing fats can reduce the risk of coronary artery diseases. It can also reduce your cholesterol level. These build up atherosclerosis, which is small plaques in the arteries that cause heart attacks and blockage. Avoid oil, butter and any other fattening element from your diet. 

Advantage Of Heart Healthy Diet: Low Fat Protein Sources

If you want to take the rich source of protein then you can go for lean meat, poultry, fish or egg. It is better to use skimmed milk rather than whole milk. Fish is the best alternative of protein as they have omega-3 fatty acids. It also lowers triglycerides. Flaxseeds, soybean, walnuts, canola oil are a few other food products that you can take on a regular basis. 

Reduce The Sodium

High sodium intake can increase blood pressure and can cause heart diseases. An adult is expected to have less than 2300 mg of sodium in a day. Eating fresh food can also reduce the salt intake in your diet. Always look for low sodium food. 

Plan Ahead:

It is always better to plan your meals beforehand so that you do not end up eating unhealthy food due to the unavailability of healthy food. Shop the ingredients before and take the time to cook. Do not repeat the same kind of food every day. Try alternatives every day.