Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Individuals

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Individuals

Your being busy is not an excuse for you to skip breakfast. And munching a handful of cereal and chasing it with milk does not count as a meal. If you want to be healthy and stay healthy, you need to learn how to fix yourself a proper meal in the morning. There are actually a lot of healthy breakfast ideas out there that are quick and easy to make. So grab a pen and paper and list down some of them.

Whole-Wheat Bread Toast With Mustard, Avocado and Soft Boiled Egg

This a complete breakfast that is super easy to make. Toast up some whole-wheat bread and spread it with some mustard. Slice up an avocado and layer it on top of your toast. Serve a soft-boiled egg on the side.

Scrambled Egg Tacos

There is no stopping you from going full Mexican and still have a healthy breakfast. Heat up some store-bought taco on your pan or griddle until they develop some color. In the same pan saute some garlic, beans, and cumin with some seasonings until cooked. Stir in some lemon juice at the end. Fill your tacos with some sour cream, cheese, scrambled eggs, beans, and fresh cilantro. Enjoy.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Individuals
Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Individuals

Crispy Egg and Avocado Toast

Every list of healthy breakfast ideas should have an avocado and toast dish. You can use any type of bread to toast with this dish, but whole-wheat is the healthiest option. The key is to fry your egg in olive oil longer than usual until the bottom gets crispy. Simply mash and season your avocado with salt, pepper, and lime juice. Assemble and place the egg on top then drizzle with a little bit of olive oil.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Individuals
Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Individuals

Tropical Fruit Smoothie Bowl

If you are not in the mood for something savory, then you should make this breakfast dish. To make the smoothie, pulse some fresh bananas, mango, and pineapple with some almond milk. Make sure you stop occasionally and stir the mixture to make it smooth. Pour it into a bowl and top with kiwi, blueberries, and shredded coconut.

Spinach And Cheddar Cheese In A Mug

This is one of those healthy breakfast ideas that you can cook in just 5 minutes. All you need to do is mix your eggs, cheese, spinach, and tomatoes in a mug. Make sure you season it with some salt in pepper. Just pop it in the oven and wait for 5 minutes for your warm and healthy egg breakfast.

Complete Quinoa Breakfast Plate

If you are craving some something savory, then this is perfect for you. All you need to do is to simply cook some quinoa according to package instructions and transfer it in a plate. You should then top your quinoa with some thinly sliced smoked salmon, fried egg and avocado. All the goodness that you want in one plate.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas Made By You

There are still thousands of great healthy food combinations out there which are perfect for breakfast. It’s up to you to explore them. You are also free to make your own combinations and share them with your friends.

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