Have You Tried Making Best Breakfast Casserole

best breakfast casserole

The Best Breakfast Casserole isn’t just a traditional egg and butter base; it’s a creamy and rich ham base that makes baked potato chips taste yummy! Perfect for families on the go, make-ahead, or store the rest of the day for later snacks! Breakfast for the holidays is also a perennial favorite for us!

Different Choices for Breakfast Casserole


A good choice for breakfast or a leisurely breakfast casserole, ham is full of protein and iron. It also contains vitamins B and E. Add it to your crackers or toast, and you’ve got a nutritious meal. Ham is also high in potassium, which helps prevent weakness at breakfast, especially if you’re in a hurry. And to top it off, hash browns make great and healthy snacks. These tasty breakfasts are easy to make with just hash browns, salt, and pepper to your taste.

It’s a no-brainer that sausage and eggs make a great first meal, but how do you know when to combine them? There are so many different opinions about this topic, but it all boils down to that you want to be sure you combine them early in the game. When the sausage is still cold, you can heat it and bake it. As for eggs, they need to be cooked a little longer. That’s why we love the best breakfast casserole recipe on our simple diet!

Other Common Ingredients for Breakfast Casseroles


Other ingredients you’ll find commonly used in the best breakfast casseroles include tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary, oregano and more. When cooking with vegetables, be sure to keep some vegetables detached from the other ingredients. For example, peas should only be added to tomatoes and not tomatoes to peas. It’s also a good idea to stir your components to get their full flavor and nutrients.

One of the keys to the perfect hashbrown is to use the best breakfast casserole recipe that you can. We like to start with hashbrowns that come from scratch and then bake them in our sausage casserole pan. You can buy a sausage link pan at your local grocery store or online. We have a couple of tips that will help you make the best hash browns.


Hashbrowns that come from scratch are always the tastiest. Just remember to use high-quality ingredients and don’t overcook them. They are best served warm, with a little bit of butter or oil on the side. If you’re not a big fan of eggs, you could substitute ground turkey instead. The key to a great hashbrown is the perfect mixture of cheese, vegetables, and hash browns. It’s all about the right balance, and you can make it fast at home if you follow the suitable recipes. This could be the perfect menu for the get together and other functions.

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