Finding the Best Breakfast in Nashville

best breakfast in nashville

With great weather and a variety of restaurants, diners, hotels and Bed & Breakfast locations in Nashville, finding the best Bed & Breakfast in Nashville is not a difficult task. But for some people looking for an authentic, traditional omelet with local ham or grits might not be their first choice. So it is best to find a Bed & Breakfast that fit your taste and budget before making the reservation.

Best Breakfast In Nashville

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St. Regis Nashville

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For instance, St. Regis Nashville, a famous historic breakfast and historic Bed & Breakfast on Music Row is a great place for those looking for traditional southern comfort food. They offer many different breakfast options including specialties such as their giant continental omelets, scramble, ham and grits. Their warm delicious breakfast dishes are served in real wood chairs with hand-quilted tablecloths, Terry cloth tablecloths, golden table salt and butter served from the finest Italian chocolates. All of the dishes are prepared by the best chefs in town.

West End Trading Post

It is another great choice for a Bed & Breakfast in Nashville. This popular breakfast spot is known for its fried breakfast items and great hot morning coffee. Their specialty items include their country gravy, shrimp and grits, sausage, and their famous maple turkey. Their warm fresh baked bread and fresh fruit desserts always leave a nice taste in your mouth. Their free breakfast and brunch specials and special breakfast hours to make them a big hit at any time of the day.

Old Gringo’s

It is one of Nashville’s favorite spots for Bed & Breakfast in Nashville. This historic bed and breakfast is located on 33 acres and offers a variety of accommodations for you and your sweetie. Choose from one of their quaint cabins or one of their modern yet rustic barn buildings. You can choose from a variety of breakfast dishes such as their famous French toast and sausage or try their giant continental breakfast, ham and egg loaf, or their vegetarian omelet. Of course the famous French toast is made with eggs, too!

Hamilton is located just beside the Black Bear River in Franklin. It offers a variety of accommodations including a bed and breakfast or a hostel. You can choose from a traditional setup or a modern one featuring a balcony. It features locally sourced food and it serves breakfast daily. Choose from their delicious breakfast sandwiches or their banana split.

Just a short walking distance from downtown Nashville, you can find Hamilton’s B&B. They have four guestrooms each one themed to a specific season. In the spring, you can select from their patio sets and patio furniture selections that feature flowers, butterflies, and hummingbirds. In the fall, their holiday inns feature decorations for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Their breakfast is also served during these festive times, and they have holiday themed rooms that are perfect for honeymoons and others to get togethers.

Other Great Breakfast In Nashville Inns

Some of the other great breakfast in Nashville inns include Trace Inn, The Brixton, and the Lodge at Piedmont. Each one of these breakfast inns has its own unique history and is known for having great food. You can find great breakfast specials at each of these establishments as well.

Last Words

The best way to determine the best breakfast in Nashville would be to visit the inn where you would like to have your breakfast. This will give you the opportunity to sample the whole business from the menu, to the service, and to the ambiance. If you cannot make it to the inn in question during your stay, don’t worry. You can find a place that will serve your favorite breakfast while you stay at another Nashville hotel. Most of these bistros have websites that will show you exactly what is offered on the menu for the night that you are staying. With many options to choose from, there is bound to be the right breakfast in Nashville that will fit your taste.

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