Feed A Crowd


Brunch is receiving a lot of love from everybody nowadays. I mean why not? It is the only meal where you fill your plate with all the great brunch ideas that came out of the hosts magic hat. Where you can feast on some syrup-coated waffles, scoops of savory casserole, a slice of quiche, and then wash it down with a Bloody Mary. That sounds like heaven!

For all we know, brunch is fun until you are the ones tasked to cook it for your friends and family. It is quite a big challenge to take that even experienced cooks consider it as a nightmare. But you can make it easy for you. All you need to keep in mind is to cook for the crowd. That means big servings of filling recipes that everyone can share. If you are still drawing a blank right now, let me share to you some proven ideas that you can use.

Easily Feed A Crowd With These Awesome Brunch Ideas
Easily Feed A Crowd With These Awesome Brunch Ideas

Make-Ahead Ham and Cheese Casserole

A casserole should be your go-to recipe who you are going to feed a lot of people. The simple reason is that it is easy and quick to make big batches ahead of time. All it takes is for you to mix together bread, pancetta, Gruyere cheese, eggs, vegetables and seasoning all in one pan. Once done with that you can actually put in the fridge and pop it in the oven by tomorrow to serve it fresh to your guests. You can use any type of bread that you want and any type of meat.

Easily Feed A Crowd With These Awesome Brunch Ideas
Easily Feed A Crowd With These Awesome Brunch Ideas

Sugar Buns In Bulk

Steering away from sticky buns and making sugar buns instead, is one of the few brunch ideas that can really save your party. Unlike the popular brunch buns, this recipe will do not require any planning and advanced skill at all. In fact, all you need is boxes of puff pastry, sugar, cinnamon, butter, and salt. Just put right portions of the butter and sugar filled puff pastry in a muffin tin, sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar. then put it in the oven. They always come out amazing every time.

Easily Feed A Crowd With These Awesome Brunch Ideas
Easily Feed A Crowd With These Awesome Brunch Ideas

Breakfast Fruit Salad

Add a hearty note in your brunch menu by adding in this seasonal fruit salad. You will not believe how easy it is to prepare this dish. All you need to do is pick is mix together your favorite grains, fresh fruits, some fresh chopped herbs, and your preferred dressing. This dish will absolutely not only be a pretty accent in your spread but a tasty one too.

A Large Pan Of Shakshouka

There are a lot of brunch ideas for feeding crowds out there that uses eggs, but nothing will be as memorable as this. In a large pan saute some garlic and onions before you add in some fresh or canned tomato sauce. Simmer the sauce until its almost the right consistency before you season it and drop your eggs to poach. What you will have is a beautiful dish that just has that enough spice to keep things going during the meal.

What About All These Brunch Ideas?

If you are the type of person who does not want to only “feed the crowd” but totally gives them an unforgettable time. Why not cook all those three recipes. The combinations of those 4 brunch ideas will hit all the sweet and savory notes that you are aiming for. Go ahead and challenge yourself.