Eggs For Breakfast

Eggs For Breakfast: 7 Reasons To Eat Every Day

 How many of you eat eggs for breakfast every day? Well, I eat daily. Though I consume oats as well as bread occasionally, I stick to my simple and delicious egg dishes. I know you might be thinking about why I do this. Why don’t I enjoy other things at breakfast? This is simply because it helps me in many ways, which I am going to share with you today.

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Eggs For Breakfast: 7 Reasons To Eat Every Day

Eggs For Breakfast Keep Your Tummy Full

Toast or cereal also makes your tummy full. But eggs help to keep the tummy full for a longer time in comparison to those. Eggs are full of healthy fast and protein, which give us energy for a long time. Thus, we don’t crave other food after a while. Even you can ditch the mid-morning snack too.

Helps In Losing The Excess Weight

As eggs keep you full for a long period, you don’t have to consume other food, which in turn enables you to avoid extra calories. Moreover, studies have proved that as it has low carbs, you will lose weight faster than by eating bagels.

Eggs Are Rich In Proteins

If you are looking for a complete source of proteins, eat eggs. They have all the essential amino acids that we need to include in our meals every day.

Eggs For Breakfast Means Less Expenditure

Many other sources of high protein are there, like red meat, but they are quite costly. In comparison, the eggs have a very low price. If you opt for the eggs of free-range, they will cost you even lower than the regular eggs.

Eggs Do Not Increase Cholesterol

Yes, I do not deny the fact that eggs do have some amount of cholesterol. But that does not mean they increase the amount of it in the blood. Studies have proved that the cholesterol of eggs has nothing to do with heart disease. So, you can enjoy eggs without any tension.

Boosts Memory Function

Eggs are rich in choline. It is a vital nutrient that is capable of promoting the functioning and development of the brain. Besides, choline also helps in increasing the alertness and retention power of the memory.

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Eggs For Breakfast: 7 Reasons To Eat Every Day

Eggs For Breakfast Means Good Eyesight

Besides protein and essential nutrients, eggs are rich in antioxidants too. For example, eggs have Zeaxanthin as well as leptin that can protect the eyesight from the harmful rays of the sun. You might be less prone to develop cataracts if you consume eggs every day.

Making Eggs For Breakfast

If you do not have much time to prepare the breakfast, boil the eggs and have two at a time. You will stay full for at least 4 hours. You can also make an egg-poach within 2 minutes. Crack it in a cup that is microwave safe and put on high for a minute. Take it out and sprinkle some black pepper and salt, and you are good to go! You can also make scrambled eggs by adding some veggies you like, and the wholesome dish is ready.

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