Egg Benedict

Egg Benedict For A Perfect Weekend Breakfast

 Egg benedict is a breakfast or brunch dish in America that comprises of two halves of pound cake (English muffin) covered with boiled egg, ham, bacon and Dutch sauce. Egg benedicts gained its popularity in New York. This dish is perfect for weekend breakfast and lunch or a different evening meal.

How To Make Egg Benedict

It requires a lot of care and consistency. One requires having hot, crispy bacon, warm buttered, toasted pound cake, properly boiled eggs if needed. And hot creamy dutch sauce. All at the same time
It is perfect for the occasion where an individual wants to make someone feel special.

Egg Benedict For A Perfect Weekend Breakfast
Egg Benedict For A Perfect Weekend Breakfast

History Of Egg Benedict

In 1860- Delmonico’s restaurant first restaurant started in the United States. During this time, their regular client Mrs. Legrand Benedict found nothing new to eat for her lunch, she then discussed with the chef of Delmonico’s restaurant Charles Ranhofer and thought of egg benedict. He already has a recipe called egg la benedict in his cookbook named “The Epicurean” published in 1894

 In 1894- A Wall Street broker Lemuel Benedict was suffering from headache and ordered butter toast, crisp bacon, two poached egg, and Dutch sauce at Waldorf hotel in New York. The well-known chef of that hotel was so overwhelmed that he put the dish for breakfast and lunch menus. He then replaced toasted bread with pound cake(English muffin)

Egg Benedict recipe

Bacon 8 pieces
Parsley 2 tbsp(finely chopped)
Eggs 4
Rice or white vinegar 2 tsp
Pound cakes 2

For Dutch Sauce
Unsalted butter 10tbsp
Egg yolks 3
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Dash of tabasco sauce


Cook The Bacon
Place and heat a large pan on medium-low heat. Put bacon. Cook slowly and turn occasionally till it turns brown from both the sides.
Take off from the pan. Absorb extra fat using a paper towel.

Bring Water To Boil
While bacon cooks. In a large pan. Fill two-thirds of water and boil and put vinegar. Boil water again and again then low down the heat.

Make Dutch Sauce
To make Dutch sauce soften 10tbsp butter. Add Egg yolk, lemon juice, and salt and beat it on medium speed for 20 to 30 seconds till it turns light in color. Gradually add in the warm melted butter and continue to blend. Check salt and acidity and put more salt and lemon juice if needed. Shift to container and use it for pouring.
Poach the eggs
Start doing with one egg first, split an egg, and put into barely boiling water. Once it cooks, put in another egg till all four gets cooked. Softly take out the eggs.

Toast Poundcake(English muffin)

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Egg Benedict For A Perfect Weekend Breakfast

Once the eggs are in poaching water, start toasting pound cake. If in case all pound cake doesn’t get toasted by the time eggs are ready. Softly take out the eggs.

Assemble egg benedicts– To assemble, spread butter on one side of the pound cake. Place two pieces of bacon. Keep poached egg on bacon then spread some Dutch sauce. Drizzle some parsley and serve.


Egg benedict is light and loaded with a lot of health benefits. Eggs are cooked without fat and yolks contain antioxidants that are great for the eye as well as egg white is packed of vital nutrients. Healthy cholesterol and few natural sources of vitamin D which is good for bones and teeth.

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