Breakfast Ideas For Kids


Breakfast ideas for kids every parent knows how hard it is to prepare breakfast for kids. Especially if you are trying to feed them healthy food. This is the reason why a lot of breakfast ideas for kids that are out right now. These ideas are quick and easy, but most especially they are easy to do.

One thing that you need to make sure of is making use of fresh ingredients and keeping things looking fun. These youngsters eat more with their eyes, so if you add some creativity in presenting the food, they will munch on it.

Snack Plate

This is the easiest way to give them a complete breakfast in the morning. There are no hard rules when making a snack plate for kids, but you do need to make sure all the items are healthy and yummy. You can include some low-sugar cereal and fruits in it. Sometimes, you can mix it up a bit and put crackers with cheese, salami, and eggs instead. Putting nut butter and fruits is also great hot for them.

4 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids To Prepare
4 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids To Prepare


Kids love pancakes, that is for sure. Even adults love them. This breakfast idea for kids is a great way to give them the carbohydrates they need for the day. The best way to keep it tasty is to put some nut butter on top or even make a pancake sandwich with nut butter in the middle. Serving pancakes are also a great way to feed them dairy products such as cheese and yogurt.


Serving oatmeal is quick but can be quite tricky. Kids seem to always have a love or hate relationship with it. But first things first, you need to use high-quality oats which are high on fiber. The next thing you need to keep in mind is to keep things fun. Add some colorful fruits on top to make the dish pleasing to their eyes. You can also improve the flavor of the oats with some nut butter and dried fruits. They will surely love it.

4 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids To Prepare
4 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids To Prepare


Now, this sure is quick and easy because you can cook up a batch in advance and serve it to them alternately during the week. Blueberry pancakes are a sure hit to the kids. They are even a big hit to adults too so make sure you hide them properly in the fridge. Stay away from making chocolate chip muffins and the like. It would be best to use fruits to keep it healthy.

Breakfast Ideas For Kids Are Easy

If you are a busy parent and you feel that you just don’t have the time to prepare all of these, there is actually one secret. You don’t really need to cook them all in the morning. For the pancakes, you can cook a big batch during the weekend, place them in an airtight container, and just reheat them when needed. You can also buy some food containers so that you can prepare their breakfast before going to be at night. The only thing you can’t cook in advance would be the oats since they go stale very easily.