Breakfast – A Healthy Choice


The key to a healthy and nutritious meal is knowing what to eat and how to prepare it. Planning a healthy brunch is no different. Here are a few basic tips for planning a healthy brunch that will ensure your guests receive a delicious meal and not suffer from the long list of ingredients.

Healthy Choices

A berry covered muffin is always a delicious option, and berry muffins are always a healthy choice. However, be careful about using full fat or high sugar berry muffins in a healthy brunch. Using fruit in a breakfast dish is very popular, but consider substituting the fruit with yogurt instead.

Healthy pancakes can be delicious as well as simple, and choosing low-fat cream cheese will make the pancakes lighter. Many healthy pancakes can also be made without heavy whipping cream. A cup of spinach or yellow squash may be substituted with a baked sweet potato.

A fudge brownie is an excellent choice for a healthy dessert and fudge brownies are easy to prepare. Sweetened whipped cream can be used instead of sugar. Fudge brownies also provide great flavor and can be served with fresh fruit and/or berries.

Breakfast - A Healthy Choice
Breakfast – A Healthy Choice

Consider Cereals

Breakfast cereals are a healthy and nutritious option and many breakfast bowls of cereal have low-fat options or sugar-free varieties. For a healthier choice, use yogurt instead of cottage cheese and sour cream instead of regular yogurt. Rice cereal is also a healthy option and can be enjoyed with berries, granola, or fruit, such as orange juice.

Healthy oatmeal cookies can be a healthy treat and make the perfect breakfast, lunch, or snack. Frosting the oatmeal cookies will help to keep them moist. Rice cereal with fruit or nut butter is a great combination and a healthy way to enjoy the wholesome nature of oats.

Grilled chicken can be a healthy alternative to hamburgers or hot dogs, as well as a protein source, especially if grilled over an open flame. Steamed vegetables and applesauce are a healthy alternative to steamed or boiled vegetables. To prepare a breakfast salad, simply use a salad dressing, such as balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Other Options

Healthy bacon is tasty and easy to prepare. Use reduced-fat mayonnaise and pickled onions and bell peppers instead of mayonnaise. Try using egg salad and a ripe banana as a topping for the sandwich. Make a sandwich for breakfast and serve it with eggs, white bread, and reduced-fat low-fat cheese.

Breakfast - A Healthy Choice
Breakfast – A Healthy Choice

If you want to add a layer of flavor, make mac and cheese, for a healthy lunch, or put together a bowl of healthy mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes, along with a baked sweet potato or a garden vegetable, can be enjoyed with natural and low-fat cheese. Another alternative is to add cheese to pasta or rice.

In addition to the eggs, natural and low-fat cheese, and natural meats, you can add a salad or other veggie of choice for a healthy, filling meal. Roasted potatoes or peppers are a delicious way to prepare a vegetable dish, or use a grinder to make a low-fat salsa.

With so many healthy alternatives available, there is a healthy dish to fit any taste. Even your favorite chicken and waffles can be transformed into a healthier breakfast. No matter what you choose, remember to select healthy foods for the family!

Bottom Line

A few simple ideas for a healthy breakfast include healthy eggs, salads, vegetables, low-fat cheese, and fruits, and many other healthy recipes for breakfast. Serve these healthy dishes at your next gathering, and your family will reap the benefits of a healthy and nutritious breakfast.