Best Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches

best fast food breakfast

Do you ever wonder what the best fast food breakfast sandwich is? We are so used to eating an unhealthy breakfast that it is almost impossible to imagine not having one. We all know that eggs, bacon, and toast are the staple breakfast of our diet. That is not a problem if you are on a certain healthy diet, but what about if you are not on any diet at all?

For starters, some breakfast sandwiches are just flat out bad. Like, you know those greasy pancakes that come in four pieces? Yeah, I’m talking about McDonald’s. If you have ever eaten a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich in fifteen minutes, you can sure throw that one away. The bread is just too hard and the condiments too fatty. So, what is the best fast food breakfast sandwich?

There are so many breakfast menu items from which to choose that it can make your head spin. My favorite is the Egg Bentley from Sonic. It has two egg slices and two toast sticks in it. These are made of the highest quality, and you can taste the butter and cheese. When I was young, these were the only type of toast sticks that I could get from a fast-food burger joint.


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I love Sonic for so many reasons. First of all, it is their breakfast sandwich. It has a toasted sandwich like a normal egg white omelet, but three strips of bacon and two hard-boiled eggs. It is served with a side of spinach and Mayo on a side with a cup of delicious coffee in it. Now, if you were ever in need of a caffeine fix, you would be looking for a place where they serve that.

The sandwich seems to be the main breakfast item at Sonic, so if you are not a fan of the breakfast items, you should try out their brunch menu. It has an open face sandwich that contains a turkey sausage patty, house-made American cheese, and a tomato. The best thing about this sandwich is that there is no bacon or hamburger bun involved. You have cheese, tomato, and bread.

Sonic Breakfast Toaster

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For lunch and dinner, you might want to look into a Sonic breakfast toaster. It contains two eggs, a slice of toast, a tomato soup cup, and two cups of fresh fruit. The soup is filled with chicken broth, which is filled with more chicken broth. There is also a high-quality salad included. The most important thing here is that there are zero calories in this meal because it contains more than enough carbohydrates for you to burn off.

Types Of Breakfast Sandwiches To Choose From

Of course, there are all kinds of great fast food breakfast sandwiches that you can choose from. A Sonic Pizza, for instance, is probably the best among all the sandwiches in their arsenal. The ingredients inside a pizza include ham, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil olive oil, and portobello mushrooms. There is even a black garlic bread that comes with it.

The breakfast sandwich is just one of many delicious dishes served at Sonic locations. They are loaded with lots of nutritious goodness you won’t find in any other restaurant. There is a reason why they are consistently ranked among the best fast food breakfast options available. This is because they are the best choice for a morning person on the go. Not only do they taste great, but they are easy to prepare, filling, and nutritious.

When it comes to fast food breakfast menu items, there is no other place that serves breakfast and Burger King. The giant fast-food chain serves burgers and shakes all over the country. You can choose from their breakfast menu or any of their lunch and dinner selections. One thing that is for certain is that if you want to lose weight, grab a Big Mac or fries while you’re at it.

In the mid-range category, you will find some great choices as well. While they don’t serve breakfast burritos, La Habra Mexican Grill has a great burger that serves breakfast and their regular menu items. It may be worth checking out their dinner selection as well. If you don’t care too much for the burger, try the taco bowl at Sonic Pizzas. The chicken and rice taco bowl is one of their best options in the category.

Final Words

Those are some of the places that offer some of the best fast food breakfast sandwiches available. It helps to keep your weight down when you have various choices for meals and snacks throughout the day. If you love bacon, make sure you check out the turkey bacon sandwich. If eggs aren’t what you have in mind, try the tuna salad or the roasted chicken salad. Whatever you have in mind, you will be able to find it at one of the places listed above.

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