Best Breakfast From Across The Globe

Best Breakfast From Across The Globe

A wonderful and healthy breakfast is a must in particular if you want to remain fit and strong. So, wondering what people have for breakfast across the globe? Here are some of the best options from around the world.

1. Japan

People in Japan consider fermented soya beans as best breakfast. This is Natto. It has no cholesterol. Rather, it is rich in fiber. Besides, it has a pungent smell and a strong flavor. However, some may not like the slimy texture.

2. Mexico

Mexicans love to have Chilaquiles. These are corn tortillas. Topped with shredded chicken or scrambled eggs or bacon. Besides, cheese, cream, red and green salsa give it a yummy taste. Serve these tortillas with beans.

Best Breakfast From Across The Globe
Best Breakfast From Across The Globe

3. America

For Americans the best breakfast is a combination of many things. It is a popular American breakfast. This consists of eggs, sausages, potatoes, bacon, pancakes etc. In addition, this is yummy and filling breakfast option.

4. Venezuela

The people in this country prefer corn flour flatbreads for breakfast. This is Arepas. These are always toasted. They are never fried. You can fill them up with different options like sausages, eggs etc. People in Venezuela love to have it with chicken, mayonnaise and avocado. Ordinarily, this filling is known as reina pepiada.

5. Scotland

Kedgeree is a strange dish which people in Scotland love. It consists of rice, fish, boiled eggs and curry powder. The roots of this dish are said to be in India. Besides, this dish is a good way to get over the hangover.

6. Sweden

The Swedish people love to eat Pannkakor. This is a type of pancake. It is thin and flat. You can even call it a crepe. Serve this pan cake specifically with a sweet filling made from fruits.

7. Iceland

The people here will naturally consider something hot as the best breakfast. They have Hafragrautur. This is oatmeal. It s is mixed with raisins, nuts and brown sugar. Therefore, it is surely one of the best and healthy ways to start the day.

8. Portugal

The Portuguese prefer to have a simple breakfast. They normally prefer to have stuffed croissants. Specifically, serve this along with a refreshing cup of coffee.

Best Breakfast From Across The Globe
Best Breakfast From Across The Globe

9. Russia

The people here like to relish Oladi. You can say that they are somewhat like pancakes and something like a Yorkshire puddings. They have a crispy edge. However, they are soft inside. These are served along with soured cream, jam, honey, and fresh berries.

10. India

Here the breakfast options will vary from region to region. There are some regions where they have rice pancakes and rice cakes. Besides, some regions love momos in the morning. Indeed dishes made from flattened rice are famous in this part of the world.

These are the different breakfast options in different parts of the world. Breakfast is the principal meal of the day, keeping us hale and hearty. However, every country has its own signature dishes which they prefer to have in the morning.

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