All About Chorizo And Eggs

chorizo and eggs

Chorizo and eggs is a classic breakfast dish that is simple to make and incredibly delicious. This combination of flavorful meats and eggs is sure to start your day off right. Here are all the details you need to know about how to make chorizo and eggs.

How To Make Chorizo And Eggs

A blue bowl on a table

1 chorizo sausage

2 eggs

1. Cook the chorizo sausage in a pan over medium heat until it is browned.

2. Break the eggs into the pan and scramble them with the chorizo sausage.

3. Serve hot.

Possible Variations In Chorizo and Eggs

A nest with an egg on top

There are many possible variations in chorizo and eggs. For example, you could try a different type of chorizo or a different type of egg. You could also try a different cooking method or a different accompaniment.

If you got a different type of chorizo, it may create a very different dish. For example, Caballero and Morita without Achiote are less spicy but more flavorful than regular Chorizo with Achiote. It also requires a longer cooking time so the ingredients meld together better. Jalapeño Chorizo doesn’t need to be cooked as long because all the ingredients are already fully cooked before being made into chorizo. The heat from the jalapenos just adds flavor, not any additional cooking time on the stovetop or oven.

Try using different types of eggs for this recipe like duck eggs, quail eggs, or even fish eggs. Depending on the size of your eggs and how you cook them, it can affect how they come out in the final dish. For example, quail eggs don’t need to be cooked as long because they’re so small.

One way to change up this recipe is with the cooking method itself. You could add a different herb like fresh oregano instead of dry marjoram, or add some citrus like lemon juice or lime juice when you add the chorizo and onion mixture over your fried egg/s. If you want a slightly smoky flavor in your dish, try using smoked paprika instead of regular paprika (can use both in this recipe if you’re not too concerned about making it spicy). It’s also recommended to use a cast iron pan, or comal in this recipe because they help cook the eggs more evenly. There are many other types of pans that would work equally well.

Another way to change things up with chorizo and eggs is with your accompaniment(s). For example, serve them over potatoes instead of bread, or try serving it inside a pita for breakfast or lunch. You can make vol-au-vents out of any leftover/unused bread dough with this mixture in it. Just cut the dough into rounds using a glass jar with the rim removed as a template then transfer to a greased/floured baking sheet and bake until golden brown. There are also lots of different types of bread you can serve with chorizo and eggs: bolillos, tortas, ciabatta, etc.


This dish is a staple breakfast in many Central and South American countries. The chorizo sausage gives the eggs a spicy kick, while also adding some extra flavor with its wonderful smoky taste. Chorizo can be found at most grocery stores or specialty butcher shops! If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate this tasty meat into your diet, we recommend checking out our blog posts on how to make tortillas from scratch and what spices are best for cooking chicken breasts.

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