A Vegetarian Keto Breakfast Recipe You Can Eat Every Morning

vegetarian keto breakfast

Don’t underestimate the importance of enough protein in your diet – it is just as important as the carbohydrate intake. Not enough protein means that you will feel less hungry, burn less fat and lose muscle mass. If you eat too little carbohydrate you may also feel deprived. Similarly, if you eat too much protein, then you may end up having an excess of fat and not the desired muscle mass.

Consider Having A Soy Scramble ?

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If you are not a big fan of eggs, why not consider having a soy scramble instead? Or have a slice of wholemeal bread with some salsa. This way you get the right amount of protein, which also has the benefit of providing plenty of calcium and protein to support muscle growth. If you like coffee but not meat, then have a cup of green tea or have it mixed with your breakfast (in the morning). It has more caffeine than coffee and with it you get the beneficial antioxidants found in tea.

Another option for a set lunch meal is the lentil sandwich. Use the skinless, finely chopped lentils and chop into chunks. Spread on some avocado, some hummus, a side of tomatoes and put the cooked lentils on top. Add a sliced avocado to the top of the sandwich and enjoy. This is another good option because it provides you with many vitamins and minerals, as well as protein and good carbohydrates.

For recommended snacks and extras, see this list at the end of the diet plan. For breakfast, try an Oatmeal Cookie. They are easy to make and have a delicious flavor. If you prefer toast, try slices of whole-wheat toast bread with a small piece of avocado on the bottom for a breakfast treat.

For lunch, I like to have a nice large bowl of low-fat sour cream on hand so that I can enjoy a dessert without having to worry about counting carbohydrates. For my snack, I like to have a nice piece of whole-wheat toasted casserole with some broccoli and mushrooms for a filling and flavorful lunchtime dish. For my mid-day meal, I like to have a nice piece of turkey, mixed with some tomato sauce and low-fat sour cream and a dash of pepper. For an after dinner treat, I like to have a cup of skim milk and yogurt for a dessert that is both healthy and full of fiber.

For dinner, I love to snack on some raw cashews and hemp seeds. For my snacks, I like to go with a nice piece of low-fat, high-fiber vegetable like broccoli. For my mid-day snack, I like to have some unsweetened, non-dairy protein like raw almond butter. For my final snack, I like to have some unsweetened, organic yogurt and a slice of dark chocolate. For dinner, I love to have a cup of red kidney beans along with some salsa to dip it into. For dessert, I have a little of dark chocolate and a cherry on top.

Last Words

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After your vegetables are prepared, add in your sauerkraut and mix thoroughly until the ingredients are covered. Then, spoon your mixture into your food processor and pulse until it becomes a smooth consistency. This is the foundation of your very own vegetarian soups! Now, for breakfast, you simply add your desired protein (peas and carrots are great for protein!)

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