Healthy Breakfasts To Start Your Day Off Right

A Look At Some Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Each one of us knows the importance of a healthy breakfast. However, the question is what to have for breakfast. You need to get a little creative and make dishes that are tasty and healthy. Here are some healthy dishes that you can try for breakfast.

Whole Wheat Muffins

Most of us like muffins for breakfast. They go well with a cup of coffee. Here is a healthy muffin recipe. All that you need to do is mix whole wheat flour and wheat bran cereal. To this, you need to add low-fat milk and brown sugar. The batter is ready. Now pour in muffin tins and bake. This is considered as one of the best healthy breakfast recipes.

Spinach Pancakes

Leafy vegetables are packed with health. Spinach is surely a health powerhouse. Take a few leaves of spinach. Then chop the spinach. Subsequently, add whole wheat flour, milk and yogurt. Mix well. Then, add cheese, salt and pepper. Finally, mix well and make pancakes. These taste delicious.

Chicken And Mushroom Omelette

Different egg recipes are surely healthy breakfast recipes. Here is one such recipe where we combine the eggs with chicken and mushroom. First, take egg white and beat it well. Next, add shredded chicken and small pieces of mushrooms. Then, add salt and pepper. Finally, mix well and prepare omelette from this mixture.

A Look At Some Healthy Breakfast Recipes
A Look At Some Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Baked Banana Porridge

This is a quick dish, which deserves to be part of healthy breakfast recipes. For this dish, you need to mash the bananas. Subsequently, you need to add milk, a little water, oats, cinnamon and salt. Then, pour the mixture in a baking dish. Finally, pit walnuts on the top and bake the mixture in a preheated oven. Bake till the oats are creamy.

Black Beans With Toast

First, soak the bean overnight and boil them in the morning. Second, mix chopped tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, and oil. Next, add a little oil in a pan. Then, add cumin seeds and garlic. Add the beans and salt and pepper. Cook for a minute. Toast the brown bread. Place the bean mixture on the toast. Finally, on this put the tomato and onion mixture.

Barley And Oatmeal Porridge

First, In a pan toast the oatmeal and the barley. Then, let it cool. Subsequently, mix the toasted grains with milk. Then, cook the mixture. When the grains are cooked, add honey. You may also add chopped strawberries to this porridge. You may make the porridge using any other grain of your choice.

A Look At Some Healthy Breakfast Recipes
A Look At Some Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Savoury Brown Bread

For this recipe, you need to cut the brown bread slices coarsely. Chop onions and tomatoes. Boil green peas. Now in a pan add a little oil. Add the cumin seeds. To this add the onions and cook. Next, add tomatoes, green peas, salt, chilli flakes, and cook. Now add the brown bread pieces. Finally, garnish with cheese.

The best thing about these recipes is that they are easy to make and they are healthy. Also, you do not need many ingredients to prepare this recipe.

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