5 Potato Breakfast Meal Ideas Perfect For Weekends

Who does not love potatoes? It’s that single super versatile vegetable that we can cook into a long list of dishes. But the most popular types of dishes that use it are those savory and tasty breakfast meals. Your favorite breakfast burrito has potatoes in it. And so is your frittata and hash browns and the list just goes on.

The only issue in having potatoes for breakfast is that they sometimes take time to cook. So they are not really suitable if you just want a grab and go meal in the morning. This is why breakfast dishes with potatoes are often eaten during the weekends. When you have enough time to work on it just to serve yourself, family, or even friends with a filling and tasty meal.

Here are some awesome potato breakfast ideas for cooking during the weekend.

5 Potato Breakfast Meal Ideas Perfect For Weekends

Awesome Breakfast Tacos

Let’s start with a rather unconventional but equally delicious breakfast meal. All you need to do is to dice some potatoes and cook them in a pan with some onions and bell peppers. You also need to make the best-scrambled eggs. Assemble your potatoes and eggs in a taco shell and sprinkle it with some cheese then you are good to go.

Skillet Of Fried Potatoes and Sausages

Potatoes and sausages have always been a great combo. When cooked together the potatoes absorb some flavor from the sausages. This makes the entire dish savory. To make this you will need to parboil the potatoes first to have the perfect texture when you fry it. Cook your potatoes in the skillet first until it develops some browning then add your sausages, onions, bell pepper, and seasoning. It is best served with eggs on the side and some tomato salsa if you have extra time.

7 Potato Breakfast Meals Ideas Perfect For Weekends
5 Potato Breakfast Meal Ideas Perfect For Weekends

Potato Frittata

5 Potato Breakfast Meal Ideas Perfect For Weekends

This is more of a brunch dish but still works perfectly for breakfast. The secret to making this dish is to saute your potatoes first and season it well before adding other ingredients. Once you are happy with your potatoes, add in your eggs, some goat cheese, and fresh herbs. Cook it in the stove until you see it start to set. Allow it to finish cooking in the oven and it will come out elegant.

Healthy Potato and Salmon Hash

If there’s some leftover salmon from last nights dinner this a great recipe to do. This even works with smoked salmon if you really want to try it. To make this delicious dish, you first need to saute some potatoes in a pan with some olive oil. Once the potatoes are ready, turn off the heat and add in your seasoning and fresh herbs. Lastly, add in the salmon bits you separated by hand and a little bit of olive oil.

Sausage and Greens Breakfast Casserole

To make things easy for you, use some store-bought frozen diced potatoes. This allows you to save a lot of time and effort in dicing them yourself. The next thing to do is to mix it with your eggs and milk to make the base. Top it with sausages, cheese, and any type of greens that you want. This hearty breakfast meal will surely be a hit.

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