5 Easy Keto Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas For Maintaining Balance At The Office

keto vegetarian breakfast

Your brain needs energy to wake you up, your muscles need sustenance to keep working and your body has to work as well to maintain its own processes. All of these processes need energy and in the morning your body is more likely to get this from the food you have eaten.

For a vegetarian, those delicious egg omelets are always a good breakfast choice because they’re low in carbohydrates and extremely high in protein without any saturated fat. To add variety to your meal, you can add vegetables to the mix, especially spinach. As well as being a fantastic quick to vegetarian breakfast treat, these egg omelets also make good lunch meals with a tossed salad as part of your healthy lunch menu. You can eat the spinach while it’s raw if you’re a purist, but you can also cook it and add it to a salad later on. Alternatively you can leave the spinach raw and enjoy the benefits of this colourful vegetable.

The Spinach

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You can make the spinach cooked in olive oil if you don’t want to cook it yourself. This way you can control how much is added to your diet. There are dozens of ways to do this, but basically you just add enough olive oil to your pan to cover the vegetables. Put your ingredients in the pan together and gently fry until the spinach wilts easily. Drain off the excess oil and season with herbs and spices of your choice. Add salt to taste later on and enjoy your first keto vegetarian breakfast.

A quick snack to get you up and going in the morning is a nice warm bowl of mushy, cheese pasta. This is very easy to make in your own kitchen using fresh spinach and/or cubed parmesan cheese. You’ll just need two cups of chopped pasta (your choice) and one cup of milk (whichever you prefer). Stir in some rind, a little pepper, a little salt, and some oregano for that authentic cheeseburger taste.


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Eggs aren’t always a great fit for a keto diet, but these recipes will surprise you. If you don’t already know how to scramble eggs, start with the instructions at the bottom of this page to learn the easiest way to do so. You’ll be surprised how easy the eggs are to coax into a nutritious breakfast. There’s no fat or oil, and the nutritional value is through the roof.

Another quick meal that doesn’t require any preparation is a great vegetable and bean soup. It can be made quickly and yet still packs a powerful punch of flavor. Start with low-sodium vegetable noodles if you’re going to add beans (or drain and chop into chunks first if you’re not). Use low-fat milk if you want a creamy, slightly sweet soup, or try a soy-based version that has less cream and more vegetable protein. For an interesting, vegetarian brunch, use leftover vegetables from last night’s dinner to make a delicious side dish. Combine two eggs, a bit of cream, and one tablespoon each of sour cream and mayonnaise in a bowl.


Mix them until the mayonnaise sticks to the bottom and turns white; then beat the eggs white and use a fork to push the cream to the top. Using a tiny bit of oil, sprinkle over the top and gently fold the omelet over so that the filling comes out on top. Of course, one of the best low carb vegetarian breakfast ideas is to skip the morning meal altogether. A delicious alternative is to prepare a delicious meal in advance and then have your carbs before hitting the gym. This way, you can avoid the rush and hassle of getting ready in the morning. Best of all, preparing your food ahead of time means that you have plenty of energy and won’t need to worry about hitting the gym for another hard workout later in the day.

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