5 Best Breakfast Houston Restaurants To Go

best breakfast houston

After all, breakfast is a staple for everyone. Breakfast is delicious, refreshing, and also helps you to increase energy to begin your day. But the problem is not everyone or every time we are able to make breakfast at home. Therefore, people going outside to eat something delicious and hygienic. But yes, it can be tough to choose the best place to go and enjoy breakfast as there are a lot of places available. If these things are done with, you come to the right place. Luckily for you, we are mentioning some of the best places to go if you enjoy the best breakfast in Houston.

So, are you ready? If yes, let’s dive on in!

Here is the list of the best breakfast restaurants in Houston, Texas.

Best Breakfast Restaurants Houston

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Here you will get the best breakfast restaurants to go to with your family or friends for breakfast.

Omelets And Waffles

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Not everyone knows about this spot globally and that it offers a very tasty and delicious meal. As its name defines, you can enjoy delicious selections of waffles and omelets that will make your mouth watery. Additionally, they provide salsa and chips too!

Location: 8533 Beechnut St Houston, TX 77036

The Breakfast Klub

One of the icons in Huston is the breakfast klub that offers some tasting deliciously fried chicken and waffles. And we can say that you never find this amazing taste of waffles and juicy fried chicken anywhere else. Apart from this, if you have less time and don’t want to wait too long in line, visit here and enjoy your meal.

Location: 3711 Travis St. Houston, TX 77002


Here you can get a range of meals, including champion oats, avocado dosa, egg dosa, paneer omelet, and some other staples with an Indian touch. Also, you can taste strawberry crepe, and with this delicious variety, you will be ready to make your day amazing. Well, it is serving a comforting meal for you.

Location: 2800 Kirby Dr Ste B132 Houston, TX 77038


It serves something more delicious and exciting. You can eat different types of meals like fried chicken steak with hash, eggs, fried catfish, hotcakes, crab cake benedict, fried green tomatoes, chili biscuits, etc. However, the menu is basically for a bunch, so it is best for a late breakfast too.

Location: 5512 La Branch St Houston, TX 77004

Barnaby’s Café

It is a place that offers wholesome food and a healthy menu to people’s delight. There you can digging into stacks of waffles and bacon, buttermilk pancakes, eggs, chicken fried steak, and much more. Also, they provide healthy options such as fruit cups and so on to satisfy people’s cravings.

Location: 1701 S Shepherd Dr Ste A Houston, TX 77019

Last Words

Generally, Huston has lots of different breakfast restaurants that you can go to with your friends or family. Moreover, almost all of them are good at offering tasty, delicious meals. Thus, hopefully, this post was able to give some ideas on various kinds of breakfast shops for you to enjoy. So with this post, if you are going to Huston city and want a tasty breakfast, you will find which one best for you!

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