4 Delicious Savory Vegan Breakfast Ideas To Begin Your Day

savory vegan breakfast

Have you ever missed your breakfast because of a busy schedule? Even after breakfast is the most important meal of the day, more than 70% of people in America miss their breakfast at least 4 times a month. This is not good for health as breakfast gives you fuel and energy to work continuously throughout the day. Thus, if you are unable to have a healthy breakfast during the week because of a busy schedule, make sure that you have a nutritious and delicious breakfast during the weekend. Moreover, it’s vital to give some care to you and your family in this busy schedule and try something great. Are you ready to do so? If yes, then don’t our list of delicious savory vegan breakfast ideas.

Top Savory Vegan Breakfast Ideas:

A bowl of fruit on a paper plate

Chickpea Omelette:

A bowl of fruit on a plate

Chickpea flour is the key ingredient of vegan meals as it is free from gluten. Moreover, the best thing, after adding the water and cooking over low flame, you can prepare a delicious frittata, aka vegan omelet, easily.

Usually, people use water and chickpea flour in the same quantity for making frittatas and then put some veggies into the mix. If you want healthy breakfast, then green and leafy veggies including cabbage, capsicum, broccoli, and so on are perfect for you.

Shakshuka- Savory Vegan Breakfast:

This Israeli dish can be easily veganized since really, and shakshuka is all about the sauce anyway. Simply simmer your sauce, and instead of eggs, use tofu, tempeh, or beans instead.

Veggie Bowls – Savory Vegan Breakfast:

Wondering how to add more veggies to your breakfast? If yes!!! Then this dish is a great choice for you. Here’s how to prepare a delicious veggie bowl:

When the week starts, fry a big bowl of vegetables.

Cook your favorite grain like rice, quinoa, and so on in a huge quantity.

Cook a large amount of lentils or beans.

Prepare a delicious sauce such as hummus, salsa, and many more. You can also make dang sauce.

Then, simply mix all the ingredients before having breakfast. You can also use seeds or nuts for garnishing.

Breakfast Quesadilla:

Don’t wanna spend an hour in the kitchen? Are you looking for a breakfast recipe that is effortless to prepare and takes less time? If yes!!! Then skillet breakfast quesadilla will be your savior and favorite breakfast meal. This delicious and creamy dish is loaded with the rich taste of black beans, tofu scramble, cheese, chili powder, and jalapeno. Sounds delicious, isn’t it? Well, not only delicious, this dish is known as a reasonable and effortless dish.

Final Thoughts:

These are the best, healthiest, and most delicious savory vegan breakfast ideas. So, friends, try these breakfast meals during the weekend and enjoy with your family and friends! Which one vegan breakfast meal will you try at home first?

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Thanks for reading!!!

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