3 Egg Gadgets


Eating eggs in the morning is a habit that a majority of humans have. And this is not just because eggs are delicious but also because of its great health benefits. Now all you need to do is to find the act of cooking it more fun. Because cooking eggs every morning can be quite tedious. We have found some awesome egg gadgets that you will surely love.

Elite Cuisine Egg Poacher

3 Egg Gadgets To Make Breakfast More Fun
3 Egg Gadgets To Make Breakfast More Fun

If you love cooking eggs but you have a whole family to feed, this is the best kitchen equipment for you. The Elite Cuisine Egg Poacher can prepare up to 7 eggs every time. It also makes the perfect hard-boiled, medium boiled, and soft boiled eggs. You will also be assured that you will make the perfect eggs every time with its built-in egg piercer and transparent lid to view eggs while cooking. And using this gadget is also very easy. All you need to do is to drop it in the water while you are cooking. This egg-shaped device has indicators that tell you how cooked your eggs already are. So cooking that spot on soft boiled egg takes no effort. Lastly, using it is absolutely safe. How clever is this product?

Product Features

-Power button with and indicator buzzer.

-Separate poaching tray to make poaching easier.

-Then separate egg tray for quick omelets.

-Cooks faster than boiling water.

Norpro Egg-Perfect Egg Timer

3 Egg Gadgets To Make Breakfast More Fun
3 Egg Gadgets To Make Breakfast More Fun

Nothing is actually worse than overcooked or undercooked eggs. Nothing beats eggs cooked just right. And if you are still using guesswork when cooking eggs, you are actually missing out.  There are now gadgets like the  Norpro Egg Perfect Egg Timer which allows you to easily cook eggs perfectly every single time.

PROFESSIONAL Silicone Egg Ring

3 Egg Gadgets To Make Breakfast More Fun
3 Egg Gadgets To Make Breakfast More Fun

Fried eggs or sunny side up eggs, whatever you call it, it is the easiest egg dish to cook for breakfast. But there is nothing more disappointing than seeing your cooked egg just all over the place. I mean this is a little bit obsessive compulsive, but if you are cooking for your loved ones, especially for your kids, you just want these eggs to be perfect. Good thing the Professional Silicone Egg Ring is already available in the market. This clever device actually serves as a mold for you to make those perfectly formed eggs every time. This is also very safe to use and will not melt on heat. Lastly, it also has different applications. Aside from cooking eggs, you can also use to cook pancakes, fritters, omelets, and your other breakfast favorites.

Where To Buy These Cool Egg Gadgets

If you are now excited to use these gadgets in the next breakfast you are cooking, all you need to do is to click the links we provided. Getting them straight from authorized sellers ensure you will get the real one. There are now a lot of imitations of these gadgets and int the market and you are not just sure if they are safe to use.