10 Amazing Potato Breakfast Recipes

potato breakfast recipes

There are several breakfast recipes made with a potato that can turn your day into something special. The humble spud offers a few of the best ways to start the day. And with various home fries and more, you have ample chances to pursue another meal for a while every weekend. We have facilitated some of our favorites to make your breakfast better, so don’t press a power nap on these delightful breakfasts.

Perfect Home Fries

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Using a waxy variety of potatoes for the most okay quick home fries like red potatoes or red round potatoes is pretty simple. Tiny new potatoes will perform well if they’re in season. Onions bring some spice, almost like a hint of paprika.

Homemade Hash Browns

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When you try to make your crisp hash browns, you can say, “yummy” even though a box grater or a food processor’s grate accessory works. The performance trick requires cooking the potatoes so they are barely tender, and they don’t break apart while you grate them.

Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet potatoes bring this robust breakfast hash a fresh take that requires only 45 minutes to finish. Red bell pepper offers you flavor and extra nutrition, whereas smoked sausage keeps you long into the afternoon.

Skillet Potatoes with Peppers

Adding some red pepper, garlic, onion, and a touch of paprika for zesty home fries can be a tasty treat. Some waxy or moderate starchy potatoes will also work as long as they can remain together while frying skillet.

Hash Brown Casserole

This creamy, cheesy casserole with shredded hash browns is an ideal side dish for a great party or cookout. Scramble the eggs, cook the ham or bacon, and you have breakfast for yourself.

Grilled Hash Brown Potatoes

These foil packets include brown potatoes for camping, tailgating, or outdoor events. Try squeezing quite enough water as you can until the packages are assembled, or they’ll steam rather than browning. Add cheese, spices, or even some sliced ham or bacon for variation.

Slow Cooker Hash Browns

These soft stir fry hash browns have a perfect make-ahead recipe for a late brunch, a cookout lunch, or a brunch-for-dinner. They’re smooth, crispy, and stuffy. They are using a low-fat processed broth to lighten them a little.

Potato And Ham Hash

This raw Southern potato hash is fantastic since it has both chopped ham and potatoes, may also be the main dish, whether it is served with a few scrambled eggs or over-easy eggs. Add extra vegetables, including broccoli and cheese cauliflower, to a more nutritious dinner side or change the bacon and sausage ham.

Hash Browns With Onion

A delicious little onion is added to your hash browns and gives them a slightly sweeter taste than completely fits your breakfast or brunch. They are also a great starting point for a hash brown cheese sauce or hash and a tasty side for every Sunday roast.

The Last On The List – Hash Brown Latkes

Try squeezing as much water from the potatoes shredded until they develop and fry for the crispiest ends. A side dish that looks a bit more unique than the basic hash browns offers with sour cream, applesauce, and a sprinkle of minced dill or chives.

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